Thursday, 27 January 2011

My 1st post.....and nothing to say!

"Once upon a time...." "It was a dark and stormy night....." "Story Story..."
For what seems like forever and a day, I've been craving to start a blog, as a bid to satiate my humongous ego (cos frankly,I'm a genius and everyone needs to hear what I have to say :). Not,but really, what better way to express yourself than write any randomness that may come to your head and put it up online for complete strangers to post comments and say how much they hate you and how your opinions suck and how your point of view stinks and blah blah blah!!! (yet somehow they take time out of their busy schedules to tell you.Thanks guys!) To be honest, I don't even know what the blog will be about, maybe I feel and hope like a mother that when I give birth, this baby will go big and strong and become something great and make me proud (or maybe I'm just churning out a bastard,who knows?). One thing I know though is that I'm willing to try it at least once and see where it goes (one more thing to take off the ol' bucket list). One thing I promise though, it'll always be short (who likes to read endless talk from some pretentious poser, right?), and I'll try to keep it as interesting as I can. And variety, definitely has to have variety.
So,how do I end these things anyway, I'm tempted to say "Welcome to my World" (first timer web developers will get this,aww man, now I need to come out with a sign out catchphrase) but I guess its just bye, for now!


  1. Well...."welcome to blogsville"

    I have to say I'm liking the humour already. Looking forward to ur posts and that sign out catchphrase...

  2. Wow,my first comment,now this I'm not gonna 4get in a bit :) yep,dat catchphrase is a mofo but its coming,oh yes,its comin :)