Thursday, 24 February 2011


Growing up, we are told by friends and loved ones that we are on the road to greatness and like the greats we see on tv, we will be stars one day. We too will become bazillionaires of that one idea we got when we saw a leaf land in a puddle (probably call it leafpuddle), marry that girl rated 10 on the hottie scale, be the darling of the world.

Ah, if only it wasn't such a pile of horse-shit.

To quote a great movie, "You are not a unique snowflake". You are not a rose redder than the rest of the roses. If everyone wore black, looking down from a plane or helicopter, not one person would look indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. You may never make the next Facebook or the next Apple.You may never get that model chick that you always dreamt up and fell in love with at first sight. Truth is,my friend, only a few out of millions reach such lofty positions, the Bill Gates of the world, the Donald Trumps, the Mark Zuckerbergs and the Sergey Brins and Larry Pages. Truth is, my friend, you are just another snowflake.

But I ask,is that really so bad? Of course, everyone wants to stand out and be the different snowflake that made it different. But lookin at it from a different angle, you are still part of something beautiful. You may not be a redder rose, but you are still a beautiful rose nonetheless.You may not end up with who we always thought we'd end up with, but we end up with who we are meant to end up with in the end. We may not end up being the richest man in the world, but we may end up being the man that pays bills on time and puts a roof over his family's head.

Don't get me wrong, dreams are wonderful, dreams are great.Dreams get us through a crappy day and keep us moving on when bad shit goes down and motivates us.It pays to come down to Earth once in a while though.Somedtimes,its best to be lucid dreamers.


  1. This is quite an interesting post! Trying to figure out if the writer is a pessimist or optimist.... I'm sure he'll argue "realist"...

    But really I'm interested in what inspired this post.. :)

  2. hmmmn,realist has a nice ring to it! :)
    This post was brought to you by the word "Life". Live it! :)

  3. Beautiful...but dreams ar always more colorful than reality....I miss yu

  4. Thank you...but the colors in dreams could cause epileptic seizures :) Thank you,dear reader,have we met?mayhaps you know my alter-ego.he has a blackberry,ping him some time! :D And Im sure he appreciates the missing and probably misses the reader too.

  5. To me greatness in d eyes ov d world z nt greatness. In my dictionary greatness z ol abt living ur lyf right includn bn happy n content, coz lyf z short n thy lord z nt gna spare, reward or treat dem donald, zuckerberg n co preferentially, so why waste ur tym dreamn ov bcmn 1 ov dem?

  6. @maryam...looks like ur missin d point of d post,if anythin,its not glorifyin dem bt stating why bother bein like them.guess we are saying the same thing.