Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Wedding Make-Up Dilemma

I was going to call this post "Attack of the Zombies." Didn't think that would reach out to too many readers, unless of course you're a zombie-phile.

I always thought wedding dinner occasions were a venue to celebrate love and a place where those unfortunate enough not to find love could meet someone and then hook-up (on a side-note, studies state that people in love live longer than members of the lonely hearts club. But I digress).Its no wonder that women always like to stand out, both figuratively and literally,telling their tailors to tighten up the top parts and bottom parts of their wedding attire so as to call attention to themselves (hey, I am not compalining, the way to a man's heart isn't only through his stomach). And through the clothing, they do indeed stand out and the tailor's have done their bit by beautifying and sexifying their clients. Too bad make-up artists didn't get the memo.

Actually,scratch that. They definately got a memo, probably from a film studio planning to make a horror movie about zombies. I've never seen so much powder on a face since when last I saw Scarface in the final act of that movie! The make-up is so thick, you'd assume it was a mask you could take off and put on later for other occassions. And the eye shadow!what!!! I heard these make-up artists actually did a course for this stuff that earned them their brushes. Hey, maybe they only paid for that one course: Slut Her Up 101. Hey, maybe I could be wrong and this is whats in now, the geisha look or the Hoochie Ma look, God knows I could be fashionably challenged these days. But if not, I think some brushes need to be reposessed and make-up degrees revoked. The weird part to me is that the brides and bridesmaids that sit through all this make-up, wasn't there a mirror present? Maybe make-up artists specialize in mind-control, helped by the fumes of the excessive face powder they apply to get their clients to agree with their every suggestion.

I am of the opinion that less is more in this case and a woman's natural beauty should shine out at a wedding. To me, all a woman needs is some lipbalm and the littlest powder possible, hey, I actually favor the wet look on a woman. But as they say, opinions are like assholes, everyones got one.

P.S. To the tailors, keep on doing what you're doing, I fully support yall!


  1. LOL Lower ur gaze Mr!

    Hmm mayb u shud consider going for such training! Wat d'u say?

  2. aydee man ur a character!

  3. @miss m... gaze bein lowered :) as for the training,i probably wouldnt make much money, since all i'll have in the kit is chapstick and medicated dusting powder and a piece of foam :D

  4. @ ali...jst speakin the truth o,the thing dey vex me!