Thursday, 19 May 2011

Love The Way You Lie

So, here I am,at home on a regular afternoon, gisting with my friend about the usual stuff we talk about, you know, male stuff, like stocks and shares, architecture and what not and then boom!Dude says a phrase that sets me thinking,and pondering,and pondering and thinking some more,till i decide that it is indeed worth coming off hiatus to blog about.The phrase in question? "Women like to be lied to".

Mind blowing,isnt it?The Lie.A concept that has being around since the beginning of time,literally.A concept that we know and perceive as evil and yet, here I am being told that people actually like it.But if you think about it, that is not so far-fetched.Take for example music.Bruno Mars is probably the hottest crooner out now,singing his way into the hearts and minds and other unmentionable places of women worldwide.But look at his two biggest hits, "Just the Way You Are" and "Grenade".The first one he says that when his lady asks if she looks ok,he'll out right tell her she's amazing,just the way she is.Dude,she didnt ask for a therapy session,she just asked if she looks good at the time.what if she's got one of those annoying lady moustaches that some women tend to have and she could care less about shaving it off.Does she still look amazing then?How about she has hairy armpits and she wants to wear some sleeveless shirt?Does that still look amazing?Now look at grenade,I'll catch a grenade for you.There's no shortage of wars and conflicts going on in the world,why don't you register in the army and play Rambo there?Look at Westlife,those annoying pricks have being lying to women their whole career,"Crying Without Wings".Get the Eff Away With That Bullshit!

I like to think of myself as a logical man and I think to myself,people are not buying into this cross a river for you while pulling an oil tanker crap but Lo and Behold,I am totally wrong.Women totally buy into that shit!The honest man doesn't get far,because the lie is so much sweeter than the truth. Look at politics,some looking for a public post can't just come out and tell you,look,there will be challenges,we will have funding issues,but if we work together,we can meet some of our goals eventually.Nope,dude will never get voted.But instead,tell people that if they elect you,you will provide a borehole that will make youghurt flow,that guy gets voted (I'm not making this up,someone made such a claim and was voted back then,ask around).Look at the law profession,most profitable line of work in most developed countries,and all they do is lie!Same thing with women, you tell them that you're not perfect,your eyes may wander,but you'll try your possible best to be a good boyfriend to the best of your ability,thats the day you get into the friend zone.Women like to be wooed and hit with that movie special effects bullcrap,possible best?Best believe that one sharp guy will show up and tell her that she's so fine and radiant,she makes the sun look like the moon.Honesty is over-rated people!

I don't blame the liars though, everyone needs an edge to get ahead in life and the lie will get you there. It will eventually blow up in your face and get you into loads of trouble.But before then, have your fun,right.And hey, the ladies aint complaining,they like the way it sounds.As a famous redhead said "Love the Way You Lie".


  1. LWKMD...True talk...but i think its better to tell the truth but not the whole truth or better still mix truth and lie so that when u get caught, just standby the truth and as for the lie, deny it

  2. lol,thanks for the advice Socrates.or how about you give two lies and stick to the lesser,less damaging lie? :D either way,i will follow your advice!

  3. the lie gets you there...the truth might not.u want the girl,u have to lie @ least about her looks..n everything else.she has to be the most beautiful being,finest uv ever seen..etc

    great post,nice1 bro!

  4. thnx bro!well,all signs point to lying den,gets more results!

  5. I am taking this personal..ALL LAWYERS DO IS LIE? we'll see who'll be bailing ur a** out of trouble *straight face*

    It is true to some extent but if a guy shud come telling me I'm the most beautiful being - I'm certainly not gonna take him seriously.

    I think the truth works (well for me that is)...ppl lie then get caught and then say the truth, y not say the truth in the first place then... but in this concept, it is said that girls fall in love with what they hear and guys what they see so hey u probably right!

  6. @miss m...haba,my lawyer friend,i didnt mean all lawyers.ur gonna be the 1st truthful lawyer (nd ats y ull ve 2 do pro-bono cases :) and look,its natural,if some1 tells you ur beautiful,ur female instincts will kick in and ull be like "really?u think so?" and let ur mind wander.
    Miss M,i think ur the smartest and prettiest girl Ive seen in a long while,deres simply no one like u! (see wot i mean :)

  7. Hahaha and there he goes lying to me to prove his point! Sorry it's not working!

    "you are gonna be the 1st truthful lawyer" - another lie there! smh

  8. hmmm... thank goodness someone else has pulled down the curtains! sticking to the truth aint easy... my tactic is to introduce humor and sarcasm at an early phase of any relationship (casual, business, and personal) that way you fit 'chuk' person with truth no lele.

    bout that bruno idiot... this is wat i scribbled a while back

    ps- on a different note tho... i said i go sit on top landmine for my lady. (SUE ME!)