Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Aydees Infinite Playlist - The Love Mixtape

A while back i saw a little movie called "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". The plot is not important but in brief, it was about a guy that made a couple of mixtapes for his ex-girlfriend in a bid to win her back. The ex,rather than listen to his labours of love, throws them in the trash but they get picked up by another girl that is totally in love with them and subsequently the guy.

The art of the mixtape is a delicate craft as I have noticed (yep,made a few in my day). It could totally blow up in your face if given to the wrong person, or totally score your super-points if the object of your affections gets where you are coming from. Its like making jollof rice, too much tomatoes and it gets sour, too much spice and its choking. All ingredients have to come together in the right proportions to make a mind-numbingly super meal/tape.

So, anyway, I was going through my bottomless pit of a music collection and came across some songs that seem to get me in the mood for love which I will now share with you. Who knows, you might listen and like them and burn them for that special someone and hopefully it will get you better results than it has gotten me (the success rate aint that great,but hey,you can only hope,right?) Here we go:

Dear Bobbie - Yellowcard (old people in love,cute stuff)
The Light - Common (greatest rap love song ever,in my opinion)
Love You For Life - Jodeci
Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden (I wonder where these guys are now)
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
I Wanna Be - Chris Brown
Baby Phat - De La Soul
Stars - The Cranberries
No U Hang Up - Shayne Ward (when you never want them to hang up)
Breathless - Shayne Ward
Choices - The Hoosiers
Somebody To Love (Remix) - Justin Bieber And Usher
All My Life - K-Ci and Jojo
Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha
I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings Of Convenience

I prefer them when they are not so gooey-ooey, but what can you do, these songs tend to end up like that. You take what you can from them.

Hey, in the comments, how about you suggest your own lineup for a mixtape? I'd like to hear your playlists.


  1. nyc!a few of mine are:

    forever n for always-Shaina twain

    if that's okay with you-Shayne ward

    life after you-daughtry

    Michael Bolton- soul provider

    Micheal Bolton - i promise you

    Brian McKnight-still

  2. ok this may sound kinda weird bt half ov d songs u mentiond r on my most playd songs list in my music playr :)

  3. u can add (this i promise you-Nsync) to d list

  4. @taslima...arghh,too much michael bolton!ill add d rest to my playlist tho. :) aint weird,just means youll totally melt if i sent you a mixtape wif deez songs.yay!!!

  5. Neva call u bitch again - 2pac
    Not that I'd ever call any lady a bitch (to her face...) but I see this as a very honest gangsta rap contortion of a love declaration. No lovey pretences just true affection as 2pac would show it. Definitely make my playlist (hopefully she get the message as intended lol)

  6. Haha I'm with Taslima on Michael Bolton - love love him and I have to add

    Love is a wonderful thing - Michael Bolton

    Thinking about you - Kenny Rogers

    ONE LOVE - Trey Songz

    Call on me - Janet Jackson

    The Colour of love - Boyz II Men

    Honey - Mariah Carey

    Thank God I found you (Remix) - Mariah, Nas and Joe

    You got it bad - Usher

    Good to be in Love - Babyface

    If I was the one - Luther Vandross

    What I've been waiting for - Brian Mcknight

    Don't need the sun to shine - Gabrielle

    I don't know if this qualifies but it's one of my fav songs of all time:

    Cant turn back the years - Joe

    and finally I have to add Banky

    Know your name - Banky W

    Ok! enough of the cheese feast!

  7. @miss m...dis list looks like a 90's greatest of :) i tend to avoid bolton,but apparently the ladies love him so ill jst take d plunge and listen

  8. Oooo..i have to jump in..

    Angel-Leona Lewis

    Angel- Lionel Richie

    Someone to hold- 112

    Yo side of the bed- Trey Songz

    And current fave..

    Everything- Michael Buble!

  9. Break of Dawn - Michael Jackson

    MJ sure has his share of love songs but I always limit my playlist to one song per artist no matter what. This may not be most peoples choice out of the late MJs impressive discography but its definitely mine. Me and her wishing this moment would last forever, nuff said....

  10. @amahzeeing...finally,a list without bolton :D

    @sadiq...yea,the king of pop sure had some great songs!

  11. oh I forgot to add -

    I want to know what love is - Mariah Carey

    Now I've made a playlist of love jams n I've been listening to it.. I blame u!

  12. @miss m...what did i do,im completely innocent!!! :D

  13. Here without you - 3 Doors Down
    I'm a rocker so I need to stuff the list with a few rock ballads too. Love isn't just about staying together, show that you're a lesser man those moments you're apart...

  14. Jupa ~ Krazy culture
    Stronger ~ Daft Punk
    Dyna ~ Daddy Showkey
    Monica ~ Junior & Pretty
    ...Don't judge me....